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Old Hospital in Canton, Georgia

The History of Cherokee County / Marlin
One of the most well-known accounts of the early days of Cherokee County is "The History of Cherokee County" published in 1932 by Rev. Lloyd G. Marlin, who was Cherokee County Historian and Superintendent of Holly Spring, GA Schools. This historial work starts with geography and topography, describes the County as it was Cherokee Nation, discusses county line evolution and early pioneer settlement, chronicles the County involvement in the Civil War and Reconstruction, and takes the reader well into the early years of the 20th century with family accounts of the early settlers. It has been reprinted by the Society and purchase information may be found here on the website. Visit our Archives to preview the index.

The William 'Buddy' Alexander Collection


Woodstock Walking Tour Brochure Woodstock Walking Tour Brochure offered by CCHS and Preservation Woodstock.
Download the Brochure to learn all about the historic buildings in Woodstock.


Canton Walking Tour Brochure Offered by the Historical Society and Canton Tourism Council.
Download the brochure to learn all about the historic buildings in downtown Canton.


Cherokee County Map of Cemeteries provided by the Cherokee County Government Mapping Dept.
Download the Map.


Georgia's Old Federal Road Driving Tour Offered by the Georgia DOT
Welcome to the route of the Old Federal Road. In 1805, the United States and the Cherokee Nation agreed in the Treaty of Tellico to establish the Federal Road through Cherokee territory. Driving the tour takes about 3.5 Hours. Learn more.


Cemeteries of Cherokee County, Georgia/Morris
This is a 1,000 page book listing burials as of 1997 in all known Cherokee County cemeteries.


The Heritage of Cherokee County, GA
This book was a community project to gather historical and family heritage information on the County from its inception in 1831 to 1998. It references early communities, churches, businesses and organizations. This 675 page work contains about 1,550 family stories and over 1,000 pictures. For information on the availability of this book for purchase, contact the Sequoyah Regional Libraries in Cherokee County.


The Crescent Chronicle
February 2011 Newsletter
The Society's newsletter, published quarterly, is mailed to all members. It includes articles, meeting notices, membership updates, events calendar, and news items of relevance to Cherokee County history and preservation.. If you have information or inquiries regarding the Crescent Chronicle, please email the Newsletter Committee.


Some Great Resource Links
Below is a collection of preservation links and resources currently used by the Cherokee County Historical Society. - NAHRGIS is an interactive Web-based registry and geographical information system designed to catalog information about the natural, archaeological, and historic resources of Georgia. The 1988 Cherokee County Historic Resource Survey is available for viewing. - Cherokee County Cemetery map and other specialty maps - National Trust for Historic Preservation - Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation - Georgia DNR Historic Preservation Division - Georgia Secretary of State Archives & History Division - Preservation Database from Cornell University - National Council for Preservation Education - Georgia Historical Society - Association for State & Local History - National Archives Southeast Region - Atlanta History Center - Preservation Institute:Nantucket

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